Naturally E is a company birthed from a personal journey of illness and a desire to live a healthier life and to be made whole. Natural. Health. Wellness. Organic. Gluten Free. Chemical free.   My life came to a crashing halt after years of being sick and I lost my will to live. Living sick and in pain isn’t really living at all. Being sick every day is not the life that was designed for me nor you. I set out with a mission to fire my doctors, pharmacist and stop taking all prescription medicine. I started on a journey to get back to who Elaine was before the diagnosis, before the depression, before the emotional roller coaster, before all of the prescription medications, before the side effects, before the brain fog, before the anemia. I wanted to RESET my body and go back to the way God created me when I came into this world.

ne_low1After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2000 and other diseases after that and enduring years of prescription medicine, horrible side effects, doctor copays, hair loss & depression I finally came into the awareness of a healthier way to live. Equipped with my faith and perseverance I began my journey down Natural Avenue which has led to a healthier me, the me I was created to be, disease free, mobile, pain free, happy Naturally E.

As a certified Life Coach and Certified educator Elaine can teach you how to live more naturally and make your own products. She is certified in essential oils and aromatherapy.

I am still on a journey, learning every day and still determined to live a healthy, natural life.

Naturally E